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Terms and Conditions

  1. Play fair-play. Any try of taking advantage of holes in code of the game results in rigorous ban or account deletion. Threatening, vulgarisms, blackmailing, wheedling, sending racist or sexist contents towards other players or Administration result in rigorous ban or account deletion. Netiquette must be obeyed.

  2. Administrator responsibility.
    1. Cargo Tycoon does not charge players, for that reason player can not lay claims to Administration if some of game functions does not work properly. Claims are considered if they concern Premium(paid) accounts and only within paid funtions of the game(premium tabs, etc.). In case of blocking or deletion of the Account paid services are de-activated with no compensation. The game is being constantly improved and all mistakes are eliminated.
    2. Owner of the service, Administration and moderators are not responsible for contents written by users on CB or FORUM and reserve the right to edit, delete forbidden by law, vulgar, offensive, breaching privacy or rights of the individual contents added by using the service.
  3. Within technical and operational bounds of possibility the owner of „CT” gives users online GAME and other services providing access in 98% days of the year on average. This time does not include periods where online gaming or using other services will be suspended by technical issues or necessity of maintenance, for which the owner will not take responsibility.
  4. Forbidden actions:
    1. Registrartion on temporary e-mail address.
    2. Using any software making the game easier (bots). Eg.: Using bot training drivers automatically. Punishment: Account deletion.
    3. Blackmailing other players. Ban for 3 days.
    4. Wheedling login details from other players. Eg.: Writting to players pretending a member of Admnistration asking for login details. Punishment: Ban from 10 days to account deletion(depending on damages done to stolen account).
    5. Spamming on the Chat(CB).
    6. Using vulgarisms and other contents against genernal standarts of behaviour.
    7. Using any additional symbols in nicknames which can modify the look of it(html, bbcode, etc.). Such symbols can cause bugs in Your account what will not be considered when you report them or the game not working properly. Symbols can only be used in Admin's nicknames or ex-moderators nicknames. It is allowed to use only square brackets after your nickname(NewPlayer[9]). Eg.: your nickname: Andy@ or *John*. Punishment: player has to change the nickname within 24h from Admin caution. 3 day ban after 24h.
    8. Using Used truck garage and Used trailer garage for commercial purposes (buying/selling vehicles which were not owed by one player for at least 2 weeks). Punishment: Account deletion or penalty(25 times amount of the deal for each transaction).
    9. Administration do not deal with selling/exchanging accounts. Eg: when player bought an account on eBay or other service but never received login details after payment. Admins WILL NOT help to retrieve the account as players do it on their own risk. Players should avoid transactions done over communicators, e-mail or in game fax. Punishment: ban on chat for 1 day for player informing of sellig, exchanging, changing, giving away the account. Player can olny have a direct link to his auction on eBay.
    10. Administration has the right to caution/ban a player for actions not stated in Statute only with Main Admin(Speedy) consent.
    11. All accounts, objects are virtual and belong to Administration of the server. Player is only authorised to use the account. Player does not owe the account and for that reason is not allowed to sell any part of the account(vehicles, trailers, drivers, etc.) for material goods including money.
    12. Cheques exchange performed in any other way than specified by Administration is done at player's risk. Administration takes no responsibility for any frauds in that matter.
    13. Player who breaks Statute rule again gets doubled ban. Eg.: player spams gets 3 day ban, spams again gets 6 day ban, still spams 12 day ban, etc.
    14. Using Used truck/trailer garages for serial tranactions leading to support weaker player. Eg.: player buys vehicles for max price and sells for min price to other players.
    15. In case of constant offending Administrator or the Owner, player looses access to CB(all channels, including paid ones with no refund) for the whole period of using the account.
  5. Account.
    1. User can have multiple accounts on those conditions:
      • If user have more than one account on the same server all account names must be reported to the Administration.
      • Accounts must not support each other in any way (subject to Administration judgement).
    2. Details used for login in are definite and can not be changed.
    3. Only the user can use the account. Registering and using account by two or more people is forbidden.
    4. Account which user has not logged in for 4 months may be deleted.
    5. User has the right to delete the account himself or by contacting Main Admin.
    6. User breaking Statute rules may receive a ban on his account. Ban can apply to all accounts of the user(all worlds).
    7. The Owner and Administration do not take any responibility for unauthorised use of the account by third party. The user holds all responsibility.
    8. Main Admin has the right to edit/delete contents which break the Statute or Netiquette rules from 'Company description' in Profile tab without any warning.
  6. Support.
    1. Enquiries about answers which are in FAQ or online support(like manual) are deleted and player gets caution.
    2. Spamming support despite receiving the answer for an enquiry is penalised by 3 day ban.
    3. Each enquiry must be titled in a way optimising the content. Titles like ";)" "bbb" "to Admin" are ignored and deleted.
    4. Each enquiry being a lie or not being proven is deleted and player is baned for one day.
    5. Each enquiry being an answer to previous message should be titled: "To ...(here put nickname of Junior Admin/Admin, who answered previously). Text should contain previous message.
    6. Remember that support is here to help you. If you need Administration to help you ask for it in the way mentioned above.
  7. Miscellaneous.
    1. The Statute comes into effect with the date of announcement.
    2. Administration reserves the right to change Statute rules at any time informing users by highlighting the date of last modification at the beginning of the Satute and on the login site to CT. In addition, in special cases user will see special message available after logging in to his account. User who does not accept changes in the Statute has the right to terminate the agreement within 30 days from the date of introduced changes by deletion of the account(if the user decides to play in that 30 day period he/she has to obey updated Statute).
    3. Presentet pictures and names have only illustrative purpose, informing about specification(capacity, fuel consumption, speed).
  8. Complaints:
    1. If you have not received your code for Cheques (virtual in-game currency) contact us on: Please include phone number if you bought through sms or transaction number if you bought through bank transfer. Complaints are processed within 5 working days.
  9. Service owner:
    1. GameCode Konrad Krzyżewski, ul. ks.kan.E.Sierbińskiego 13, 07-436 Lipniki, NIP: 758-227-86-35, REGON: 145906538