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CargoTycoon is a game where you become the owner of a transport company. It's not an easy task, so if you like games which require creative, logic thinking and you feel you can manage your own company than this game is for You. You have to organise lots of things: purchase of new and used vehicles, employ drivers, train them, decide about their holiday. Finally, you have to complete your orders which will provide money for your investment in the company. You have to decide where to build branches of your company so your transport network becomes more efficient.

As it turns out running your own company is not easy so you will face many problems, care about reputation of your company, to gain access to better clients, care about your employees becasue thanks to them you are able to deliver your orders.


Game provides few different types of trucks and trailers, which you can use to deliver cargo. When you order them you can choose their colors or patterns that will be applied. For some vehicles you can choose different version of the engine, what will change vehicle's specification and make the truck more useful. That isn't all yet. You have to make right logistic decisions in choosing your orders, accepting most profitable ones so your balance won't be negative. You have to make sure deliveries are done on time, otherwise you will pay penalty.

Gaining further stars, i.e. next levels(licences) gives you access to more options for your company. Like tenders where you compite with other players for one big order, as well as international orders thanks to which you can build branches abroad. You can even establish your own Shipping and employ other players to deliver huge orders. Remember that owner's reputation is at stake if Shipping order isn't delivered on time.


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